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Our Vision

The Future of Domestic Print On Demand

A core ethos of Super Sublimation is not only enabling high quality sublimation apparel but allowing domestic digital print manufacturing to be competitive on a global footprint.

It is our firm belief that Manufacturing On Demand is the way of the future. E-commerce continues to rise as consumers shop online in favor of traditional brick and mortar retail stores. With modern technological advances it no longer makes sense for made to stock supply chains.

Super Sublimation is on the forefront of print on demand manufacturing by offering the only blank that can be manufactured in minutes yet still surpass quality of cut and sewn garments. Through our blanks it is now entirely possible to create high end sublimation apparel in a "just in time" setting at a cost effective rate that is competitive on a global scale.



Super Sublimation does not simply exist. It is constantly innovating, evolving, and challenging conventional thinking.

‍Digital print wear is the future of fashion.

Digital apparel will continue to become commonplace and replace stagnant, traditional clothing. It allows designers unlimited customization and ultimately consumers the ability to wear clothing that more closely represents their identity. Apparel and technology will only become more interwoven.

Super Sublimation is dedicated to offering products that foster the digital fashion revolution. This is accomplished through products with premium fabrics, cuts, and quality that is unsurpassed.  

‍Our mission is to bring sublimation apparel to every household.



Sublimation blanks for sale on the market available from "industry leaders" are filled with shortcomings:

Voids and Dropouts in finished Print Quality
Plastic/Thin Feeling Fabrics
Poor Quality
Bad Cuts and Fitment
Lack of Innovation

Super Sublimation was founded out of necessity to offer products that not only addressed these issues but created high quality high velocity sublimation ready products.

We have bridged the gap between high speed digital printing and previously lengthy production processes. An absolute game changer.